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Flora is a delicious combination of carefully chosen plant-based oils which are cholesterol free, with naturally occurring omega 3 & 6 and a combination of vitamins (A, D & E). With Flora fat spread, eating nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

Dab of Flora will make any spreading, cooking or baking dish tastier and healthier.

Flora Fat spread is made with a unique blend of Sunflower and Canola oils, which was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1992. With this special blend of plant based oils, Flora ensures the delivery of good fat content. Seed oils (Sunflower and Canola oils) are rich in unsaturated fats which known as ‘good fats’.

Dietary fats are an important component of the daily diet as a source of energy and as a medium to absorb fat soluble vitamins and as a source of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 . The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that an individual should get 30% of their daily calorie requirement from fats and more than 20% of from good fats. It is a proven fact that unsaturated fats improve your health. One serving of Flora provides you with ; 20% of Omega-3 and 35% of Omega-6 recommended daily requirement. More important as an essential fatty acid, it which cannot made in the body hence has to be always taken in from the diet. These Omega 3 & Omega 6 can help you maintain the blood cholesterol level and this supports us to maintain our heart health.

Flora fat spreads is also virtually trans fat free, and fortified with Vitamins A, D & E. One serving of Flora provides 33% of the recommended daily requirement of Vitamin A, D & E. These are important vitamins to maintain our bodily functions
  • Vitamin A/D/E for the normal function of immunity
  • Vitamin A is to support normal vision
  • Vitamin D is to support normal bone health
  • Vitamin E to support skin health & to reduce the oxidative stress of the cells

Include Flora fat spread onto your daily diet for the great buttery taste but with 60% less saturated fats and trans fats found in butter. Make a healthier choice and switch to a plant-based diet with Flora.

Flora, Eat Good, Feel Good!