Vitamin A, D & E For Everyone! Why?

Here’s a fact that will interest you. Vitamins are not just essential nutrients but so vital, that they perform over 100 various functions in your body. Surprised? Here’s more. They support bone growth, boost your immune system, repair your damaged cells & so much more. Let me take you through a few of the most important things the vitamins help you with. You are sure to get your vitamins after this read.

Bye-Bye to your glasses with vitamin A.

You will find this vitamin in both, plant & animal products. Vitamin A (also called retinol, just a big science word) helps you see better, do you see what I did there? Besides, you don’t have go looking for this vitamin. They’re everywhere! From veggies to spreads. So, grab the closest carrot & munch it down!

Sunshine vitamin? What could that be?

Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin. Strange, right? Let me explain. Exposing your skin to sunshine produces the vitamin in your body. Why is it so important? Vitamin D regulated the strength and growth of your bones. Too little of it and you might have to face bone abnormalities. Get your vitamin D’s, pal!

Your personal internal repair stations

The cells in your body go through tremendous amounts of work. Now and then, those cells grow old, weak or damaged with external factors. But fret no more, because vitamins E is here. Vitamin E is known to repair damaged cells and bring them back to their former self. Who would’ve thought?

Individually, these vitamins play an important part, but together, help your body function exactly how it should.

Here's a tip:

Flora gives 33% of vitamin A, D & E with just 20 grams a serving. Now go out there to crunch those veggies & bite those fruits with a Flora dip, cause you’re vitamin ready. Class Dismissed.

Eat Good, Feel Good, Flora.