The Dips Your Fruits/Snacks Deserve To Be Dipped In

Snacking. We all do it! Something small that we sneak in just between our main meals. I mean, who doesn’t? But keeping your snack habits healthy can be a little bit tough. Junk food can easily be the more convenient snack choice any day of the week!  But when it comes to making your lifestyle better, that’s not going to cut it.

So, we’ll let you on two secret dips that we’ve been working on. Something that will make even the healthiest of snacks, especially those yummy delectable fruit pieces, taste out of this world!  With a handful of simple ingredients & in just few minutes of work. You will have a great addition to your potluck fruit trays.

Have You Been Graced with Our Simple Dark Chocolate Dip?

This is one of the simplest of recipes to whip up in no time! Two ingredients & ready to go just in time before that late-night movie starts. All you need is chocolate & Flora. Melt down chocolate until it’s in its gooey form & drop in that Flora! Mix it up & out comes your very own smooth chocolate spread. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Not only is it tasty, it satisfies your chocolate cravings & still high in antioxidants and protein. A win for your taste buds, & a win for your health!

This dip does not only pair with those juicy strawberries but also other fruits like, grapes, berries, apples etc. Go crazy, go experiment!

Don’t Say No, Till You Try This Chili Garlic Dip.

Desire that hit of chili & the heat that accompanies it? Well we Sri Lankans love our chilli, and this is one of the best ways to add that punch into your snack habit! The ingredients are chopped garlic, onions, chili & Flora. Stir them in a bowl until infused. And Voila! You have a chili garlic spread in your hands.

Tip on The House: It’s best with French bread.

 If these don’t turn your taste buds on, we don’t know what will. But one thing for sure, we know these will be the best place to give those taste buds a ride for the money. Your movies, your gatherings will just be bit that much better. Trust us, Trust Flora. Happy dipping!

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.

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