Hero To Zero Butter & Its Decent From Popularity

How Spreads Took Over the Butter Empire.

A lot of us, yes, I’m guilty of it as well, once thought that butter was the “be all & end all” of the culinary world. That butter should get dumped into everything we call “Food”. Dumped in exorbitant amounts, that all you taste is butter. Yes, it was once the go-to, but now there are far more superior alternatives that not only beats it at taste, flavor & texture, but also boasts its benefits it has on us.

Butter vs. Margarine vs. Spreads

Let’s keep it simple first silly. We should know what really separates, butter, margarine & spreads. Butter – is made by churning milk or cream, margarine & spreads are derived from plant-based oils. You may ask, what so different between a margarine & a spread? Well to put it short, a margarine is 80% fat or higher & just like butter. Spreads, similar to margarine but contains less fat.

You want to be healthy right? Fit as a fiddle, ticker, ticking! If you don’t, well my friend, you need to evaluate your reason to change.

It is said that we should reduce our consumption of saturated fats & increase the intake of ‘good fats’ such as omega 3 & 6. Spreads that are made from plant-based oils are packed with Omega 3 & 6 and important to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

That’s why a transition from butter to Flora fat spread is such good idea. But also, they are easier to spread straight from the fridge, quick snacks & great melted over hot edibles!

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.