Healthy snacks to make for movie nights

Movie Nights & Healthy Snacks

You and I know that movies without snacks are like bread without a spread, dry & barren of any fun. You really need fun with food during your movies? Here are a few experiments we’ve tried and have been very successful. And we suggest you experience this too!

Pop, pop, popcorns.

Nothing can go wrong with popcorn. It’s a whole-grain snack after all, which makes it one of the healthiest snacks ever. Pour some gooey spreads, a sprinkle of salt & voila, you get the tastiest movie night snack ever.

Your bitter sweet night delight. Dark chocolate…

Said to be very healthy to the heart, dark chocolate could be your bitter escape to a horror movie. Dark chocolate is known to improve lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, which is just a fancy way of saying it’s really good for your heart. The crunch of this decadent delicacy will keep your mouths watering all the while. Want more snacks for the night? There’s a bowl of surprise coming through.

Fruits with a Twist.

We know that you know fruits are healthy. Why don’t you bring it up a notch & flare up the flavours of your common fruits? Grilled pineapples for the crunchiness, baked apples & bananas for that smooth, velvety texture & spiced up mangoes for the exciting hit of chili. Go on now. Go out there or rather, in there & enjoy a full-fledged movie night with your snacks.

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.