Health benefits of walking

Walking, a blessing in disguise.

Come on, although we prefer the easy way from point A to point B, it’s an apparent fact that walking does wonders to our health. Remember, everything starts with a single step. To those not aware about the benefits of walking, you’re in luck! Let us enlighten you…

Bear with us while we talk about technical mumbo jumbo, trust us, it’s worth it.

Heart Disease takes the back seat

First things first. Physical activity, like brisk walking helps reduce high blood pressure & the formation of cholesterol. Also, you would lose a few kilos on your walks. Which is always good in my book. Not sold yet? Hold on tight, because we are dropping them facts…

Fitness is a step a day! Who would’ve thought?

We understand that staying active is what you want. Walking every day:

  • Strengthens bones;
  • Provides better balance
  • Increases endurance.

Yes, all this from walking! And we subscribe to those expensive gym memberships.

Walking makes you breathe in ways you never thought you could.

You believe science, yes? Well, love it or hate it, actively walking increases lung capacity & strength, making it easier to breathe. Noticed shortness of breath after a little walk, it’s a sign of your endurance taking a toll from the absence of exercise.

And as always, remember to breath. Fresh air on a stressful day relaxes your mind in all the right ways. A little exercise accompanied with a well-maintained diet, boom. The combination of champions!

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.