Exercises to do right at office

Exercises you never thought you could do at the office

Right now, you’re probably reading this on your office desk, gazing at a screen. Technology has forced us into a trance of always working & never exercising. You & I both know it’s important to exercise to keep ourselves fit. Just to make it a little easier on your schedule & a lot helpful for your body, here’s a little something from us to you.

Walk up, walk down and walk all around

Do you message your office colleagues often? If you do, don’t anymore! You should pay them a visit and talk it out. If walking to them is plausible, go meet them at their desk and complete your conversation. Upstairs, downstairs or across the room, jog your way to them and engage. It’s so much more effective. Besides, it really does well to your health.

Stress balls are your friends!

Take a breather from moving your mouse around & squeeze that stress ball of yours. Plus, take out the stress in you with just a few squeezes. We know you’ll love it once you’ve tried it.

Crunches or sit-ups, what do you prefer?

The correct answer should be both. Do it right at your chair, you don’t need to move a muscle! Well… except for the ones you’ll be moving during your sit-up session. Okay, so here’s how you do it:

  1. Position yourself on the edge of your chair. Done?
  2. Perfect! Now, simultaneously move your legs to your chest & your chest to your legs.
  3. You should be feeling your abs working through.
  4. Repeat for about 20 times.

You are finally on your way to that sculpted six-pack. You might attract a few odd looks in the beginning, but hey, you are bound to inspire more with your workout.

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.