Cycling With Friends & How to Make it Fun!

Get back to your healthy habits

We’ve all become obsessed with work & trying to keep up with the rat race that we’ve all forgotten about, those simple things we enjoyed. Intrigued yet? Give this a read, & make some time to get your clan back together. Cause boy do we have some interesting tips for all you fanatics!

How can we ever forget the first time we got on that bicycle of ours? Wind through your hair, first nervous breakdown when you pedal as your father cheers you on. Memories etched into us forever. We grow up, our bicycles get bigger & eventually ride off on our own.

Yes we all grow up, but it’s no excuse to forget the enjoyment of riding a bicycle down the alleyways and paddy fields of our towns. Nope, it’s not something that can be forgotten.  

It’s time to dust out those cycles in the garage again. Hear our expert suggestions!

Walking? What’s walking when you have cycling!

Walking can take you places, but it can also get boring sometimes. Who has time to do the boring things in life? Discover the little secrets you missed in your own city. There might be a few or there might be a lot. It is all a pedal away. Let your discoveries be as good as the ride.

Now that you’ve explored the city, it’s time to know what is in it for you.

Move it, move it on bicycle! Cause Gyms are overrated! It’s cost effective, not caged in a room & a budget friendly way to keep fit. Did we say this before? Most importantly it’s a great way to boost your stamina and get those legs powered up. No missing leg day when its cycling!

And it’s always welcomed to do it with a few friends who share the same interest or an army of enthusiasts.

So next time you’re about to pick up those car keys for a short ride don’t! Just hop on your bicycle & get some friends & just enjoy a heartfelt, heart healthy ride.

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.

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