Brunch Ideas For The Weekend

Brunch-up your Weekend

Do you remember the weekends when you wake to the aromas of your mother's delicious cooking? Now is your chance to do the same & better for your Mum. Let us help you out. Hear our expert advice on making your weekend, the best weekend with the tastiest food you could possibly think of, for you & the ones you love.

Surprise the Crepe out of your weekends!

Just like their pancake brothers, crepes are really easy to make. With just enough all-purpose flour, eggs and sugar to taste and drops of aromatic essence of vanilla, your crepe is going to taste heavenly. The best part? Whether savoury or sweet, you have the complete freedom to mix it up and add in anything you fancy. Your crepe is your canvas. Paint it any way you like.


Bring out the English in you with some homemade English cakes

When it comes to cooking, simple is always the best. Mix in milk, flour, sugar, yeast, luscious swirls of Flora spread and a little patience, you will be savouring a wonderful dish in the form of golden English cakes. Honey filled, cinnamon filled or chocolate-filled, use the ingredients in your pantry, cook up that delicious brunch to bring smiles to your family.

A scrambler for a doubter

If you’re not sure what you really want for a Sunday brunch, a scrambled plate of eggs is just what you need. Eggs cooked to your preference, sausages, brown bread and a few veggies on the side. It’s happiness on a plate!

Bananas, chocolate and an all-important oven brings you… a chocolate banana bread!

A classic dish for weekend brunches, fill your house with the sweet sweetness of a baked chocolate banana bread. Bananas, chocolate and everything healthy, bake the perfect banana bread to rule your weekend brunch.

Eat Good, Feel Good Flora.

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